Dance Section of the Heart

Always remember why you started to dance. The reasons besides your relationship with Christ. Your love for dance. The beauty that you realized about a dance studio. The smell of Leather ballet shoes, and the sound of dancers on the wooden floors. The way the music of Swan Lake brings back childhood memories. They way you catch yourself practicing the five ballet positions in the Kitchen. Its that piece of your heart that has fallen in love with dance. Some people have large pieces and some small.

So for the times when you are questioning your involvement in the Ministry, Just remember your real reasons why you joined and or started it. Then let God lead you with the rest.

Happy Praise Dancing!

Be a God Pleaser!

Fearing people is a dangerous trap,
but trusting the Lord means safety.~Proverbs 29:25 (NLT)

     Have you ever been inspired or led of God to do something in your ministry but hesitated because you are concerned about what people will say? Are you always looking for approval or validation from others to do what God has put in your heart to do? In other words, do you fear man? I’m not talking about overriding leadership, usurping authority or stepping outside of your role, but what I am talking about here is being concerned so much with other people’s opinions of what you do, that you fail to please God.

It’s easy to be a crowd pleaser and to receive accolades from people, but what if you do everything to their liking, and God hates it? It’s a scary proposal, but it’s entirely possible to get the approval of man, and have God completely absent from what you have done. Remember that God had no respect for Cain or his offering because it was not approved by Him. If you seek to please God, people may not always understand, but you will have His support 100%! So, always be a God Pleaser!

No Anticipation..Recruited and not Called

On your way do dance rehearsal and unhappy…… and Not because you had a bad day at work…or school. You are unhappy with the fact that you are going to practice…..something positive, but its not where you want to be. You have felt this way for a very long time since you started. You feel Recruited and Not Called to the dance ministry. Is Does your leader know that you feel this way? If not you must speak to them.

Ministering during the Holidays

The holidays are great* and the colors that we choose normally signify the different representations of the holidays like: Gold/White, Silver/White, Black/Gold, Red.White, Silver/Blue.  I’m thinking about using different shades of  certain colors, like for example: Instead of  Green, a Minty Sage. and a steel or navy  blue instead of royal blue.  Pink is rarely seen on dancers, I think we should wear pink  more often, just maybe not hot pink :0 . A Light and soft Coral sounds nice, ………hmmmmm that note, I may visit the garment district again!